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2024 Best Letter Head Invoice Tally Prime TDL | Invoice Customization Tally Prime TDL

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In this blog post we will customize Letter Head Invoice through Tally Prime TDL. Tally is best business software around the world, and more popular in India. And also we can customize Tally according to our need through TDL (Tally Definition Language).

In todays code we will learn how to do Invoice Customization to Print Tally Invoice in Letter Head.

Letter Head Invoice:

Letterhead invoice is a professional document used by businesses to request payment for services or products rendered. If you want to give a professional invoice to your customers, then you can use this Letter Head Invoice Tally Prime TDL, and can print Invoice directly on Letter Head from Tally.

Letter Head Invoice

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Letter Head Invoice Tally Prime TDL Code:

This code will help to print your Tally invoice on Letter Head:

[#Part: EXPINV SaleTopLeft]
Height      : If ($$InExportMode OR $$InMailAction OR $$InUploadAction) AND ($$IsSysNameEqual:Excel:##SVExportFormat OR $$IsSysNameEqual:HTML:##SVExportFormat) THEN +
							(10 + 10 + @WithOrderVch + @WithOrderTerms + @WithBuyer + @WithCountry)  ELSE +
							(10 + 10 + @WithOrderVch + @WithOrderTerms + @WithBuyer + @WithCountry) % page
	Delete: Parts: EXPINV Company	
	[#Form: Printed Invoice]


Part :LearnWellQRIn,qrtxt
Vertical : Yes
[Part :LearnWellQRIn]
Horizontal Alignment :Left
Vertical : No
Lines :LWQrLn
QR code: ("upi://pay?pa=9131810293@ybl&pn=AshishKumarSingh&tn=Bill No."+$$String:$voucherNumber) : True
Height : 10% page
Width : 12% Page
[Line :LWQrLn]
Field :LWQrFn
[Field :LWQrFn]
Set As : ""
Use:name field
Set as:"Scan to Pay"
[#Part: EXPINV Signature]
[#Part: EXPINV Column]
Border:Thick Box
Delete:Line:EXPINV Column2
Local : Field : Default : Style :Normal Bold
Local : Field : Default : Print FG :White
Print BG:Black
[#Part:EXPINV Title]
Local: Line	:EXPINV Title: Space top:1


Tally Prime TDL to Print Invoice on Letter Head:

  • Copy above TDL code and create a text file.
  • Save text file and load in Tally
  • Now go to print an sales Invoice on letter head.
  • You will find that your invoice perfectly print on letter head.

This is best free TDL to have in your Tally. Must have TDL file for Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime that can use it for lifetime. This free TDL Code will perfectly work with Tally Prime.

Invoice Customization Tally Prime TDL Video:

See the below video to learn how to customize Invoice in Tally Prime through TDL:

Watch above videos to learn :

  • How to use TDL files in Tally.
  • How to customize tally Invoice through TDL.
  • How to Create Extra Spaces in Tally Invoice.
  • How to Print Tally Invoice on Letter Head.
  • More videos related to free TDL files on youtube/learnwell
  • Get More TDL files on https://e2t.in/
  1. Make a Text file of above code
  2. Save it in to your computer
  3. Copy the text file path including Name and extension (as – C:\Users\HP\Desktop\LetterHeadInvoice.txt)
  4. Open Tally Prime Software
  5. Click on Help and click on TDL & Addon  (for Tally Prime)
  6. Press F4 (to open a Box)
  7. Set Load TDL file on Startup – Yes
  8. Paste The path in blank space
  9. Press enter and save
  10. Now your Custom Invoice TDL for Tally Prime is ready to use.

Create Professional Invoice with Best Invoice Tally Prime TDL.

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