How to Transfer Stock Items from Excel to Tally ☑️

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Now a days everyone want to grow and become a famous business man. For grow our business, we maintain multiple branches and reach to more peoples. In any business that have two or more branches along with head office, they need to transfer there stock to branches and from branch to head office. Sometime it become lengthy process to maintain transferable stocks, because of there quantity. We can simplify these things with accounting software, and most simple accounting software now a days is Tally. Power of Simplicity. By this Excel to Tally utility it will become more simple process. We know that we transfer lots of stocks and sometime it is not possible to take these entries manually. Our mostly work we do in Excel, because of it’s calculations and accuracy. And you can transfer your Excel data into Tally by this Excel2Tally software.
It is very simple to use and you can enter thousands of entries with thousands of stock items with one click. You can transfer your stock items with stock journal voucher and this utility will help to do all these things in simple way. By this also can enter manufacturing vouchers.
You can enter all stock details like godown, batches, quantity, freight etc with this utility. Just simple copy and paste your excel data in its format and generate XML for import in Tally.
By this tool also can import Stock master, Ledger Master, Godown Master, all type vouchers with stock or without stock with all details including gst and vat.
Also you can generate XML for delivery notes, receipt notes, sale order and purchase order vouchers.
You can give details of consignee, buyers, dispatch etc.
Also can enter debit notes and credit notes vouchers.
You can also maintain your Amazon, Flipkart data in Tally by this utility in very simple way.
It works on all platform of tally. Use any version of Tally, it will work perfectly. 
I wish one day you become a great business man and take your business in highest peak. 
You can download Excel2Tally software with below link and it will be for lifetime use: 
For any query you can contact me. 24×7 I am with you. You can call me at +91-9131810293, also can mail me at
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