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We know that most of us or businesses use Tally and mostly do business of sale, purchase. And if you do sale and purchase, you need the things that you want to sale. If you want to sale things and use tally software, this is the right place for you.
Before starting your sale, purchase business you need to enter stock items in accounting software, like Tally etc. If you use Tally for maintain your books, use this tool to import your stock directly from  Excel to Tally.
You can import stock items with alias, group, godown, GST and opening details.
Just copy or write stock name and fill other details, click generate button.

How to import stock items from excel to tally : 

It is very simple process to import excel data in to tally. Just ready your file that you want to import and follow these steps : 
1. Open Excel2Tally Software.
2. Go to E.Stock sheet.
3. Put, write or paste the name of Items from your other excel sheet.
4. Fill the required details that you want to show with stock items like – Alias, GST percents, Group (that you created in your Tally), Opening Details, godown details etc.
5. After filling the sheet click on Generate button that provided in the sheet.
6. You will find XML file at location where you put this software.
7. Select XML file and right click on it.
8. Go to property and then security.
9. Select the path provided in security section (C:UsersHPDesktopallstock.xml) and copy it.
10. Open tally – go to Import Data – Master – Paste (Alt+Ctrl+V) and press enter.
You will find, your all stock items imported in Tally. You can modified it if required.
And now you are ready to write your vouchers in Tally.
You can also import Godown Master, Ledger Masters with all details, all type vouchers that provided in tally with your modifications. You can use it for lifetime. No renewal required.
It works on every version of Tally (Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2, Tally 9, Tally ERP 9, Tally ERP 9 GST)
You can also use it on Tally Crack version or Licence version.
For download it click on below download link:
For more details watch above video or goto Excel to Tally section of This website.
It will make your work very simple.
for make it more simple or any solution you can call me. at +91-9131810293 or mail me at
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