GST TDL 2019 | Report with Supplier Details

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 People are so amazing and search the path to  simplify there work. And for a business we use accounting software. And in this segment Tally is most popular because of it’s simplicity. For making it’s more simple we use TDL files for Tally. I have something special for you. This is the TDL file for Tally to do work in simple way. We generate monthly or weekly reports for sale or purchase data to filling our GST returns. Sometime we need information like GST number and  State there we supplied our material. In tally when generate report of sale or purchase data , there shows all details with GST number, Taxes etc, but we find the State is missing in our report.
By adding this TDL in Tally you can see states in report, and can import this data into Excel to modified as you want.

How to use TDL file : 

By this TDL file your work will become easy and it save your lots of time. By these simple steps you can add it in Tally : 
1. Download the TDL file from provided link
2. Right click on TDL File.
3. Go to Property.
4. Then go to Security.
5. Copy the path
6. Open Tally – Open any company, that you want to work.
7. Press – F12
8. Go to Product & Fetures
9. Press F4
10. Paste the path (Alt+Ctrl+V) in empty box and press Enter key.
(To see the report go to Sales register)
For download this TDL go with below download link : 
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