Tally ERP9 TDL 2018 | Customer Wise Stock Report

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We know that reporting is most important part of a business because if you not know what is your sale and earnings, you can not go for long.
In a business Tally is most usable Accounting software and very simple. We can make it more simple with Tally TDL files.
Today I have something special for your Tally.
By this you can generate reports of customers with products sale. In this you can see the customer wise product sales. Which customer take which product more. So you can manage your inventory and increase your product sale.
This report show you customer name with there various purchases within a specified period.

To load this TDL file follow below steps:

1. Download the TDL file from provided link
2. Right click on TDL File.
3. Go to Property.
4. Then go to Security.
5. Copy the path
6. Open Tally – Open any company, that you want to work.
7. Press – F12
8. Go to Product & Fetures
9. Press F4
10. Paste the path (Alt+Ctrl+V) in empty box and press Enter key.
For more details watch above video
You can download it with this link : 
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