7 Steps to create your first TDL code

7 Steps to create your first TDL code | How to create TDL Code for Tally | Tally TDL tutorial | Tally Prime developer tutorial

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1. TDLTutorial- Create First TDL:

After reading this post in 7 Steps to create your first TDL code will be done. The next chapters will cover each component’s description, application, and thorough explanation. Use the fundamental TDL (Tally Developer Language) structure if this is your first time using TDL.

The Report is run using the already-existing menu item “Gateway of Tally.” Invoking a new Report with the wording “Welcome to the world of Learnwell” from the main menu “Gateway Of Tally” is what this is done for.

[#Menu: Gateway of Tally]
Item : First TDL : Display : First TDL Report
;;code comments
[Report: First TDL Report]
Form : First TDL Form
[Form: First TDL Form]
Parts : First TDL Part
[Part : First TDL Part]
Lines : First TDL Line
[Line : First TDL Line]
Fields : First TDL Field
[Field : First TDL Field]
Set as : “Welcome to the world of Learnwell"

The “Gateway Of Tally” menu’s new Menu Item First TDL is added using this code. The report, titled “First TDL Report,” is shown once the menu item has chosen it. The action “Display” was set when adding the menu item “First TDL,” thus the report is in “Display” mode. This report does not allow user inputs. Since the Report only has one field, the sentence “Welcome to the world of Engage to Tech” is visible.

In below image you will find :

  1. in a bracket [..] is definition
  2. Display is action keyword. It mean you want to display your report in main screen (Gateway of Tally).
  3. Report is your definition type. Where “My Report” – action keyword should be same name as in action display keyword
  4. After definition word used like : Part, Line, Field called attribute and after that given name called attribute value.
  5. As under field definition we used “Use”, called attribute modifier.
  6. And as formula we used “My Formula”, called formula name
  7. And at end we can show our comment with ; semicolon.

That’s all

7 Steps to create your first TDL code

So watching after above image we know writing module of a TDL code:

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7 Steps to create your first TDL code:

  1. Make text file and save it in computer to write code.
  2. First give name about Report and create it’s definition.
  3. Second give name of form and it’s definition.
  4. Third give name of Part and it’s definition.
  5. Fourth give name of Line and it’s definition.
  6. the in last give name of Field and it’s definition.
  7. In the field we can show our report as we want.

So after understanding above TDL module, we can say:

First write Report – Under Report is Form – Under Form is Part – Under Part is Line – Under Line is Field.

If we under stand above module of TDL we can write any TDL code.

For More learning watch the below video :

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