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Now we can send bulk messages in Whatsapp from Excel. Before using the code, you must see above video.
Friends nowadays whatsapp become popular everywhere, and also for business. We send lots of business related messages to our customers or office employees, like outstanding details, invoice details, address etc.
Sometime we need to send bulk whataspp messages to multiple contact. To avoid this lengthy process we need to make a tool that can send bulk whatsapp.
So lets create whatsapp sender in Excel VBA. Follow bellow steps to create whatsapp sender:
1. First of all open a Microsoft Excel File
2. Goto Developer Tab (If not enable developer tab in your Excel, watch above video)
3. Add a module to write codes.
Excel to Whatsapp Code:

Sub Whatsappmst()
On Error Resume Next
Dim rowsz As Long
rowsz = 1000
rowsz = Wapp.Cells.End(xlDown).Row
Dim z As Integer
For z = 2 To rowsz
Dim ie As Object
Set ie = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)
If Wapp.Cells(z, 2) = vbNullString Then
Exit Sub
ie.navigate “whatsapp://send?phone=” & Wapp.Cells(z, 2) & “&text=” & Wapp.Cells(z, 3)
Application.Wait Now() + TimeSerial(0, 0, 3)
SendKeys “~”, True
End If
Next z
End Sub

4. Paste above code in a VBA module
5. Create Some contacts and messsages in Excel
6. We can create Macro Button to send whatsapp messages. (Watch the above video)
Now our whatsapp sender is ready to use.

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