Tally ERP 9 – HSN And GST Details in Voucher Entry ☑️

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) now running in India and  levied at multiple rates ranging from 0 per cent to 28 per cent. GST Council finalised a four-tier GST tax structure of 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%, with lower rates for essential items and the highest for luxury and de-merits goods that would also attract an additional cess.
In India mostly businesses use Tally software for accounting. And in Tally some features are hidden, they not show at voucher entry time. When we take sales voucher entry, required Item name, there GST rate and GST amount etc. But for an item, there rates are hidden and not shows at entry time. 
By this GST detail TDL you can see all GST rates and HSN codes of Items and this will be very helpful for you.

You can download GST details at voucher entry TDL with below download link :

After download fallow these steps to install in Tally : 
1. Copy the TDL file path (right click on TDL file – Property – Security – Select path and copy)
2. Open Tally – Press F12
3. Goto Product and Features
4. Press F4
5. Paste the path in blank area (Alt+Ctrl+V to paste) and press enter.
Now your file ready to use. When you go to your sales or purchase vouchers and enter stock item name, there shows Item HSN and it’s GST percentage. 
For more detail please watch the above video

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