Salary Sheet and Payslip – Auto Generator ☑️

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In every business we appoints workers or employees to do all things smoothly. After appointing an employee we need to pay salary to him monthly or hourly. For this also we need to take calculation for there working days or hours. For it we prepare there attendances and salary sheets. After these workings we pay to our employees.
Sometime we need to give all these details to our employee and collect also for our our records.
Because Salary is important part of a company.
For your records I have something special for you.
It is Salary – Auto Generator with VBA Codings.
You can maintain your employees salary and Salary slips with this excel worksheet like a pro.
A Salary slip is a document issued by an employer to an employee. It contains a detailed description of the employee’s salary components like, basic , HRA, or other additions and deductions.
And salary slip is very important paper for an employee.
By this you can generate Lots of Salary slips and print them all with one click.
It has two sheets :
Payroll : In this sheet you can maintain salary of employees or workers
Salary Slip : In this sheet you can generate salary slips and print it on paper or can save in pdf

It is very useful for H.R. and Accountants also for firms who made salary in big companies.

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