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Receipt Note and Delivery Notes play most important role for accounting. Via Receipt Note you can know receive goods detail with there quantity and price and also check same things in Delivery Note.
If you use Tally accounting software it will become your time saving thing, because by entered these notes you can take purchase voucher and sales vouchers entry very easily. By entering  tracking number of Receipt Note and Delivery Note you can fill all details in your sale and purchase vouchers in Tally. For this you need only select your Note number and you will find all details related to invoices.

If you want to enter these vouchers in huge amount, you can use this Excel to Tally software. It will become triumph for your work. By this you can easily import Receipt Note and Delivery Note Vouchers in Tally from excel data. And easily can generate Sales and Purchase vouchers with stock Items with there godowns and batches.
By this software you can import all things like Ledgers, Stock Items, Bank entries, Expense Vouchers, etc. related to your GST accounting as you want.
This software will help you prepare your work on time.
This is very useful software and free for life time with there updates.

Just fill the details . Generate XML
Goto Tally – Import of Data – Vouchers – Paste XML file path with file name and .XML

You can download it with this Link :

For more details, Please watch this video: 

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