EXCEL – How to Add a file or Invoice in Summary List

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In Excel all official work is possible that you can think. It’s all about your great effort and your hard work with cleverness. Some time excel saves our life. So lets go with this thing.

We all normally use excel for reporting and maintain a summary of our work. 
Sometime we need to open some files to show the detail of our summary and need to attached files in our worksheet. It will be an Invoice, Photo or other file format.
In Excel you can attach these file easily with your summary sheet or in a cell.
It will become very useful for your data presentation. 
How it will possible
It is very process. Lets follow these steps : 
1. Open your summary sheet in Excel
2. Go to insert tab
3. You see text between links and symbol (Excel 2016)
4. Click on small arrow under Text
5. There you will find Object
6. Click on it
7. An Object window will open
8. Click on Create from file
9. Click on Browse   
10. Choose the file that you want to insert
11. Now you can select your showing format by clicking on Link to file or Display as icon
12. You can set file area by drag its corners.
Also you can see the above video.
If you want Invoice generator that shows in video can download it from link that provided in video description.
or You can comment your  email id in below comment section to get file.
Thanking You!
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