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It is Excel to Tally advance item purchase with godown and with stock. In this sheet we have update regarding Tally voucher with Item.
When you go to Tally voucher, there you will find Item invoice (alt+I). In this voucher you maintain purchase with stock item, buyer and supplier detail, with godown, batch etc.
Sometime our entries will be in bulk and we spend lots of time to take entries in Tally. Because there required to fill lots of details in voucher for proper entry.
But by this software you can upload bulk entries with all details from your Excel sheet.
Now a days you can find your all data in excel so it will be easy to upload entries from Excel to Tally.
This software is very easy to use.
Just copy and paste your excel data in this sheet and generate XML file, that you can import in Tally.
I have updated this sheet with godowns. You can enter godown with there individual stock items.
How to use: 
           First open the Excel2Tally software and open you data in excel (that you want to import).
Choose Adv Item Purchase sheet in software. Here you select you financial period and type your voucher type name (as Purchase, (GST Purchase etc – with you modified with your own)).
enter the date in day and month field separately, then enter your voucher number and then reference no.( Purchase bill no.). (you can use copy and paste).
           Then enter your creditor name (where from your purchase) then select Cr. and then enter amount. After this write your Purchase account ledger (Ledger that you created under purchase group) and same choose Dr. then enter amount, and after this same fill all column that you required as – gst ledgers and there amount and other expenses like freight etc. and in last enter narration.
            If you want consignee and buyer details you can enter that details after narration.
Now your voucher entry will be completed. in the vouchers if you want to enter stock items you can do these things – double click on ledger name of Purchase account (that you entered in second ledger name). After it you placed in stock sheet, there you can enter stock item details with there godown and batches. For multiple stock enter cell address (I3 or I4 etc) more than one time.
            Then back to Adv Item Voucher and click on generate button. You see your entries will be processed for generating XML file.
            After few minutes your xml file will be generate and save where is your Excel2Tally software.
open xml file – copy the path (ctrl+c) and open tally – goto Import – voucher – paste (alt+ctrl+v) and press enter.
             You will see your all entries imported in Tally.
Note: Ledgers and Stock Items you entered in Excel sheet should be created in Tally.
          You can also create ledgers and stock items with this software.
If you want to save your precious time you can download it from below link: 
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