If you consider Costco to be the location to buy almost anything, including a car, you could wish that they offer EV charging services.

Even if the infrastructure for EV charging is expanding, drivers of electric vehicles must look for a Costco that provides this service.

Let's examine the cost of charging an electric vehicle at Costco, assuming the location provides charging stations.

In California, Arizona, New York, and Georgia, there were 90 charging stations spread among 64 stores.

SemaConnect Level 2 charging stations are available at the Costco store in Torrance, California.


California Charging in Torrance charges a convenience fee of 30 cents, a deposit of $10, and 15 cents per kWh.


Salt Lake City, Utah, has a Costco with EV charging stations as well. The price on the site is $1.30 plus 10 cents per kWh.


The cost per kWh is 28 cents at the Costco in Honolulu, Hawaii.


The overall time and cost to charge an EV at Costco vary depending on the type of EV, the level of charge, and the fixed fees for each store.


An empty EV battery can be fully charged using level 2 chargers in four to ten hours.


While shopping at Costco, it is simple to increase the price a little. Ten to twenty miles of range can be added in one hour of charging.


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