Burglary suspects


Burglary suspects have been apprehended in the Los Angeles region

After a frenetic pursuit over many highways in the Los Angeles region, burglary suspects have been apprehended.


Two suspects in a house burglary were being followed by police and CHP officers Tuesday morning in a black BMW.


By 8 a.m., the suspect had taken officers down the 210 Freeway and the 5 Freeway into East Los Angeles from the San Gabriel Valley.


The motorist was travelling on the rim and looked to have lost the front passenger-side tyre.


The driver struck and spun another vehicle on the motorway at one point.


Along with throwing what seemed to be a stack of papers out of the car, the driver was also spotted doing so.


Sparked flew from the rim that was dragging on the roadway as the BMW weaved in and out of traffic.


At 8:20 a.m., when the chase approached Orange County, the vehicle ultimately jumped onto the westbound 91 Freeway and proceeded through the Bellflower neighbourhood.


When the motorist lost control and rear-ended a large truck on the 91 Freeway in Long Beach, the pursuit came to a stop just before 8:30 a.m.


Before officers caught up with them on the eastbound side of the motorway, two suspects jumped out of the car and started running across the interstate lanes, even leaping over the centre divider.


Without additional incident, both individuals surrendered and were apprehended on the highway.

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