Synthetic living cells


Synthetic living cells with lifelike features have been produced by scientists.

Scientists working under the direction of the University of Bristol have produced synthetic cells, or protocells.

employing small construction blocks made of viscous microdroplets containing live microorganisms.

Scientists have tapped into the power of bacteria to create these cutting-edge synthetic cells that closely resemble the functions of natural cells.

They exposed the sterile droplets to two populations of bacteria, one of which naturally settled inside the droplets and the other of which was entrapped at the surface.

Then, they eliminated both types of bacteria.


The structural and morphological changes to the bacteriogenic protocells were made by a series of chemical procedures.

A cytoskeletal-like network of protein filaments and membrane-bound water vacuoles filled the inside of the droplet.

The released bacterial DNA was compressed into a single structure resembling a nucleus.

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