Sam's Club


Sam's Club is associated with two concepts: buying in large quantities and discounts.

The Sam's Club house brand, Member's Mark, has long been a favourite among customers.

These Member's Mark items are not only affordable, but they can compete with the leading name brands on the market.

Coffee: The red Arabica beans used in the Sam's Club Coffee blend are the same ones that Starbucks uses in its blends and are hand-selected.


Ice cream: The Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream from Sam's Club and many Member's Mark goods are as rich and creamy as the well-known brands.


Maple syrup from Sam's Club: The Member's Mark brand provides more for less money without sacrificing quality.


Chicken broth from Sam's Club: But Member's Mark chicken broth is not only inexpensive but also pleasantly tasty.


Sam's Club Ketchup: Additionally, the Member's Mark is more affordable and a necessity for households that enjoy ketchup because it comes in 114 oz buckets.


Allergy Medicines. Sam's Club may be a necessary stop for allergy sufferers.


Paper towels and toilet paper. Member's Mark paper towels can compete head-to-head with brands like Brawny, and the toilet paper is two-ply like Charmin.


Garbage Bags. Sam's Club gives the same value on a larger selection of products without charging extra.


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