Costco has the ideal puzzle if you've ever wanted to finish one that wouldn't fit in your living room.

A 60,000-piece puzzle that is 8 feet tall and 29 feet long when finished is being sold by the store.

The main puzzle, "What a Wonderful World," is composed of 60 1,000-piece puzzles that can be locked together.

According to the Costco website, "What a Wonderful World is the world's largest puzzle at 60,000 pieces and showcases the art of Dowdle."

The puzzle is a panoramic global map with 187 paintings by Dowdle that cover the area generally occupied by the oceans.

Retail price for What a Wonderful World is $599.99. It comes in three cartons.

There are 20 packaged puzzles in each box.

The $599.99 price includes shipping and handling, though express shipping will cost extra.

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