Both Costco and Sam's Club are excellent. In really, either choice is a good one.

But as I reflect on the reasons I left Sam's in the first place, I see that there are some aspects of Costco that I neglected to consider.

More Stores Sam's Club has 600 locations in the United States, while Costco has 572.

a more affordable membership The annual cost of Sam's Club membership is $50 for Club members and $110 for Plus members. It costs between $60 and $120 at Costco.

extra branded goods I usually choose a name brand when. When I shopped at Sam's Club, that was simpler.

doorstep pickup Sam's can be the best option if you want to save time.

Check and Go I want to enter and leave right away. Sam's offers Scan and Go, making the process more simpler than Costco's. Scan and move with.

Frequently, Sam's Club is less congested. Sam's Club was rarely as packed as Costco, but I'm not sure why.

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