Your membership card might suddenly entitle you access slightly more—or, in certain situations, slightly less—than it once did.

Here are some of the most significant adjustments Costco made in 2022.

There is now a second Costco car wash. In Norwalk, California, Costco expanded the amenity in 2022, bringing the state's total to seven car washes and the nation's total to 13 across five states.


Several miniature delicacies were introduced by the bakery. This year, small Cranberry Orange Bisconie and mini Chocolate Chip Cookies were introduced to Costco customers outside of the cake family.


New merchants were welcomed by Costco Next. The list includes a wide variety of vendors, from technological firms to cosmetics businesses, and more were added in 2022.


Pizza boxes at food courts now have a modern design. Costco changed all of their cardboard pizza boxes earlier this year to incorporate the How2Recycle label.


Across the nation, Costco cut ribbons. Opening more than 20 additional stores throughout the world was the retailer's New Year's resolution for 2022, which Costco has largely accomplished.


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