It's not just about inexpensive costs; there's also a great assortment to choose from.

I adore purchasing holiday gifts at Costco just as much as I love shopping there for regular stuff.

Costco shopping may be exciting. You enter the store expecting to buy milk, cereal, and paper towels but leave with a cart full of fine cheeses and a variety of bakery items.

Here are a few reasons why, even if you've never shopped there before, you should think about doing your holiday shopping there.

You can buy low-cost gift baskets and food gifts. I've discovered that a sizable gift basket can be purchased at Costco for anywhere between $30 and $50.


Toys are available at a discount. During the holidays, Costco frequently stocks unique toy bundles.


You can present someone with (affordable) clothing. I spent $15 on a t-shirt with the insignia of my favourite hockey team that would have cost me $35 elsewhere.


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