Even if you've had a Costco membership card for a while, there's a good chance you don't know all there is to know about the warehouse retailer.

Things accessible to non-members at Costco. For instance, both members and non-members can receive vaccinations, health exams, and medications.


Go ahead and have lunch or supper at your neighbourhood Costco since you don't actually need to be a member to enjoy the food court.


You might be able to take advantage of Costco's alcohol specials without a membership since some jurisdictions don't permit merchants to restrict alcohol sales to members only.


Although Costco may provide excellent discounts on bulk purchases, not all of the items on its shelves qualify.


Although Costco has a generous return policy, this does not mean that you can return any item at any time. While the majority of things can be returned without a receipt.


You might be shocked to learn that not everything at Costco is a fantastic deal. Some things sold in bulk could cost more money.


It could be a good idea to get a second card since Costco members are allowed two cards per household.


At its food courts, Costco offers a $1.50 hot dog deal that also includes a beverage. Even though it may seem like a really low price, Costco intends to maintain it.


Checking out the Kirkland Signature line of products from Costco is a terrific tip that customers at the retailer are aware of.


Without a membership, you may really purchase a large number of things from Costco's website and have them delivered to you.


The warehouse shop Costco is well known for its samples, and you could easily spend the entire trip eating snacks, meals, or even drinks there.


You might be shocked to learn that Costco frequently holds sales that might bring the cost of some of your favourite goods down even further.


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