In 2023, be sure to avoid repeating these errors if you want to save more money at Costco.

Not having the proper membership: The Gold Star and Business memberships at Costco each cost $60 annually. The annual cost of the Executive Membership with 2% cash back is $120.


Missing the price adjustment: If you mention a reduced price within 30 days of your purchase, Costco will give you the discounted price for the item.


Shopping while hungry: Avoid being tempted by the food in the aisles by making a list and sticking to it when you are shopping while hungry.


Not looking through the ad book  Every month, Costco sends us an advertisement booklet with discounts on a variety of items, including food, household goods, electronics, clothing, and more.


Skipping the food court: Skip the food court and order a warm churro and smoothie, or check out their famed hot dog offer for $1.50.


Sunday shopping advice: If you want to visit Costco and leave as quickly as possible, don't squander your day there.


Dismissing Kirkland Signature products: Kirkland Signature products shouldn't be left because they frequently have high quality and can help you save money.


Overindulging in fresh produce: If you don't consume Costco's bulk-size food alternatives right away, it could cost you money.


Missing those member benefits: Investigate Costco's many benefits to discover if there is anything online that could help you save money.


Forgetting about the seasonal goods: Costco provides some excellent prices on goods for winter holidays, spring gardening, and other occasions throughout the year.


Driving past the gas station: You may save money on gas by refuelling at Costco.


Missing out on the pharmacy deals: The pharmacy at Costco can fill your prescriptions just like a regular drugstore, and the price may be lower there.


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