If you're looking to save some additional money on groceries, household goods, auto maintenance, and other expenses, a Costco membership can be very beneficial.

If you don't know how to maximise your membership money, you can also be passing up fantastic discounts.

Shopping on a Sunday: Be prepared for crowds, lengthy lines, shopped-out merchandise, and out-of-stock sampling foods.


Keeping your returns: Costco has an accommodating return policy, and with a few exceptions, they frequently accept your purchase back if you're unhappy.


Not splitting your membership: The Gold Star Membership from Costco comes with two cards, but the buyer decides which card gets the second. Sharing this expense makes sense.


Maintaining brand: Kirkland is a good alternative if you're set on sticking with a specific line of products. Due to the frequently cheaper price point with the same taste,.


Overdoing it on the fresh produce: Take care to avoid squandering food and money by carefully selecting the perishable items you add to your cart.


Ignore the sales prices: You're usually getting a decent deal if the price ends in 97.


If you pass by the gift cards, you may save 20–25% by purchasing a reduced restaurant gift card from Costco.


You might save money on Costco travel, including hotel deals, cruises, and car rentals, if you miss out on the extra member privileges.


Forgetting to fill up the tank: Using a cashback rewards card to top off the tank at Costco can also optimise benefits.


Bypassing the pharmacy counter: Costco also provides a prescription drug programme for its customers, which may include pet medications in addition to those for the people in your family.


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