Utilize all of the Walmart+ program's features to take advantage of significant annual savings.


It provides access to superior pricing and features for subscribers who pay $98 per year or $12.95 per month, similar to Amazon Prime.

Walmart+ Perk 1: Free delivery without a purchase requirement

Walmart+ Perk 2: No order minimum required for free shipping

Walmart+ Perk 3: Access to the Paramount+ subscription

Walmart+ Perk 4: Early entry into Black Friday sales

Walmart+ Perk 5: Conserve gas

Walmart+ Perk 6: Find rewards to make even more savings

Walmart+ Perk 7: Scan and go

Walmart+ Perk 8: Test it out for free.

Walmart+ Perk 9: You can use Spotify.

Walmart+ Perk 10: Online service tracking

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