$1.337 billion jackpot


There are only a few days left for the July Mega Millions $1.337 billion jackpot winner to choose the cash payout option.

In July, an Illinois lottery player took home the jackpot, one of the largest payouts in the game's history. The winner has yet to claim their prize.

The winner must collect the reward within a year of the drawing

After the lottery, the winner has until September 27th, 60 days.

The anticipated value of the monetary award is $780.5 million.

The annuity option is automatically used to pay out the prize if it is not claimed within those 60 days.


Additionally, a Massachusetts lottery reward is still unclaimed.

The Cumberland Farms in Ware was where the $16.35 million ticket was purchased.

It was won off of a “Megabucks Doubler” drawing Sept. 10.

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